October 22: Meet the Winemaker: Champagne Marion-Bosser

The mother-daughter team of Bernadette and Elodie Marion, owners of Champagne Marion-Bosser perpetuate a family tradition, crafting Champagnes that are the very essence of subtlety, refinement and elegance. On October 22 you’ll have the pleasure of meeting Elodie Marion ad tasting the four prize-winning champagnes she makes.

Elodie is from the Champagne village of Hautvillers – only 4 miles from Epernay – which is best known for its most famous inhabitant, Dom Pérignon, a Benedictine monk and cellar-master at the Hautvillers Abbey (1658-1715), who discovered how to draw out Champagne’s natural effervescence, thus turning the still vin de Champagne known as vin gris into a foamy, bubbly wine known as vin diable (devil’s wine), or vin saute-bouchon. Elodie is very much part of this tradition.